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In a post-apocalyptic world, a warrior wandering through the desert comes upon a group of settlers who are being menaced by a murderous gang that is after the water they control.
A desert warrior, a former soldier of a war that left the land barren and practically worthless, assists a young women, her little boy, and laborers(..who operate a camp attempting to develop water for their valley), soon defending them against a tyrant and his sadistic brood who wish to overrule the region.<br/><br/>As much as I hate to admit this, Steel Dawn is really a rather average Mad Max clone, offering nothing really new to the post apocalyptic genre except a really good cast attempting to give the rather mediocre material a boost. Brian May&#39;s score, quite a majestic orchestral composition, and stunning South African locations are a shot in the arm, and there&#39;s plenty of violence(..a lot of people get stabbed)thrown in for good measure, but not much in the way of originality.<br/><br/>Swayze&#39;s enigmatic warrior, called Nomad, has a &#39;steely&#39; resolve and is equipped with the physical presence needed to fulfill the required Mel Gibson look. His skills at spinning kicks which down his foes are on full display and Swayze does engage in not one but two spirited battles with Christopher Neame, in a showy role as a hired assassin, Sho, who murdered Nomad&#39;s mentor and trainer Cord(John Fujioka, making the most of a nothing role)in cheap fashion(Sho has a blade hidden in a knee pad which springs forth when it appears he could be in trouble). Brion James has a nice supporting turn in a rare hero role as Tark, an intimidating worker whose strength and girth help Kasha(Lisa Niemi)a great deal around the camp, repairing and building plumbing systems needed to operate their water machine. Tark is quite a loyal hand who, at first, rejects Nomad out of jealousy mostly, for he carries a torch for Kasha, and doesn&#39;t appreciate this outsider moving in on his &quot;family&quot;. Obviously, Nomad will form a fatherly bond with Kasha&#39;s son, Jux(Brett Hool).<br/><br/>The characters all appear in &quot;post-Holocaust wardrobe&quot;, patterns sewn together from materials that weren&#39;t destroyed during the ambiguous war. You also have ratty hairdos, odd land rovers(..seemingly formed from various metals and materials found from junk yards) and incongruous swords(..steel fashioned in peculiar styles). Anthony Zerbe is Damnil, the cold-blooded despot whose authoritarian command over the region strikes fear in the communities attempting to survive in such harsh environs. Early role for Arnold Vosloo, as one of Damnil&#39;s goons, who would come into his own as a formidable presence both as hero and villain in cartoon action adventures such as Darkman(..in the sequels), John Woo&#39;s Hard Target, and the revamped Mummy movies.<br/><br/>Steel Dawn will be of interest mainly to Swayze&#39;s die hard fans and those of us attracted to the Post Apocalyptic genre as a whole. Others should beware. Might interest those desiring to see Swayze and his wife working together in a movie. But, in all honesty, this tale goes through the motions, never quite rising above other Mad Max imitations that existed around the same time.
A fantastic stand out movie in my opinion, I still remember that it has one of the best lines ever uttered in film - &quot;you don&#39;t think very much of me do you? You flatter yourself, I think nothing of you.&quot; Class. Simple premise, simple story line, simple acting but some great actors involved - the English actor who plays the main bad guy is particularly good and the whole thing works well. Brion James from Blade runner (or Tango and Cash/ Red Heat - whatever takes your fancy) makes an appearance and Patrick Swayze&#39;s wife is the love interest which I never knew, thank you wikipedia. Overall a fun guy&#39;s film that doesn&#39;t go overboard on the whole look within yourself and make a change philosophy so just sit back enjoy.

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